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square design bamboo sock colourful novelty bamboo socks at our online sock store
Monkey Sox

Square Sox

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  • Fit Details:
    • For casual buyers who like to add a little color to their world.
    • Our bamboo socks come in a choice of five designs, so you can choose one for every day of the week.
    • Monkey sox adapt to different temperatures, and have antibacterial properties which crush foot odor – no more smelly or cold feet!
    • Our Bamboo socks are eco-friendly. Increased CO2 levels in the earths atmosphere is responsible for our planet warming. Bamboo takes in nearly 5 times the amount of CO2 & harmful greenhouse gases & produces 35% more Oxygen, than an equivalent stand of trees.
    • We are all responsible for the footprint we leave so why not try our bamboo socks.
    How to Care:
    • Monkey Sox like to be machine washed in 40°c with no bleach or tumble drying - ouch! If you take care of your socks they will take care of you.

Customer Reviews

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Beuatiful design

I ,love the design, they look good quality. I did expect them to be thicker though. Still beautiful

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