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  • A Free Bamboo Eco Cup when you purchase a MAXI pack (ten pairs) of our classic black socks. (Offer runs this week only and ends Friday Dec 8 2017 at 11.59 p.m.)
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This week, we are giving you a Bamboo Monkey Reusable Coffee Cup when you purchase one of our MAXI packs (10 pairs of our classic black socks).

(Limit of one cup per customer. Offer ends 11.59 pm, Friday December 8 2017.)

I read recently on the website, that something crazy like a whopping 1 billion cups a year in Australia goes to landfill, to sit and fester.

I couldn't believe it actually, then the ABC also took up the cause, there is a great article here:

So, as most of you know, Bamboo Monkey is about finding you climate positive solutions for everyday items, sourced from sustainably grown bamboo. What we love about these cups, is that they are dishwasher safe, lightweight, and really natural in texture.

Treat them with care, so they last for years. But the great thing about these cups is they can be soaked in water, then buried in the garden and are fully biodegradable. The silicon lids can also be placed in the recycle bin for recycling.

But please, if you have the time to grab a coffee, why not take five minutes for yourself, and sit and savour it at the coffee shop. If you really can't then for the planet's sake, grab a keep cup, because 1 billion cups going to landfill, that's just crazy.
Use a keep cup and stop single use takeaway cups festering in landfill.

Maxi Pack of classic black socks
Silky soft and versatile for everyday.
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Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup
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