Our Environmental Commitment to you.
A Free Mesh Wash Bag the first time you purchase a Monkeysox Sock pack
Do you throw odd socks in the bin?
Don't worry, it's very normal. An average person in Australia creates approximately 2 tonnes of waste a year. But what happens’s to all this rubbish once our bin is emptied? Currently over half of all our waste goes to landfill. But is this the best strategy? The landfill process relies on compressing the waste and depriving it of O2 needed to compost organic and natural materials.How can these landfill sites affect the environment?

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At Monkey Sox we want to find solutions to reduce CO2 emissions ...
Most socks are simply lost in the wash. Either orphaned under the bed, or stuck in the mechanics of the machine itself. Once orphaned, it takes a patient sole to find their partner.
So ... we have created a Mesh Wash Bag. Simply put your dirty socks in during the week, and throw the whole bag in the washing machine at weeks end. This ensures all the socks will stay together and come out the other end in tact. Really easy.
But what about our environmental pledge to you?
From today, each first time visitor to Monkeysox, who orders any one of our sock packs (includes Work Week, Maxi, Party, Urban, Sport) will receive a Mesh Wash bag on us. RRP $9.95. Simply place your order, and your bag will arrive with your sock pack.
Scientists in Britain have discovered that everyone in the UK loses on average 1264 socks during their lifetime, thats a whopping 84 million socks a month.
Using a wash bag is a really easy no brainer to stop odd socks ending their life festering in landfill.
(Offer limited to one bag per customer. Available to all first time visitors to Monkeysox.com.au)

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